Shimano RP3 Womens Road Shoe

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RP3 and RP2: Pro level features, perfect for the club and recreational cyclist


-Built to provide efficient comfort on recreational rides the RP3 and RP2 both introduce pro-level features for the aspiring competitive cyclist.


-Lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon soles with adaptable cupped insoles provide optimum pedaling efficiency and comfort. A flexible arch in the sole adapts to the height of the foot arch to ensure pedaling stability.


-Off-set straps relieve tension across the top of the foot while hook and loop straps spread the tightening force. The RP3 also introduces a buckle strap for a firm fitting upper.


-The RP3 and RP2 are SPD-SL and SPD compatible, matching with PD-R550,PD-R540, PD-540-LA and PD-A520 (plus SM-SH40 adapter) pedals. The RP3 weighs 527g and the RP2 weighs 505g (size 40).

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