Bosch Fast Charger 6 Amp

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Product description

-The Fast Charger is currently the fastest eBike charger in its class and will recharge the eBike battery in the shortest possible time. After just three hours, the powerful PowerTube 500 or PowerPack 500 are fully recharged. The Fast Charger needs just over one hour to charge a battery to 50% capacity. This makes it the perfect charger for fast recharging while on a trip. The Fast Charger is ideal for eBikes that are often used and frequently charged.


-Supply voltage: 220 – 240V


-Size: approx. 200 x 90 x 60mm


-Charging time: approx. 2.5 h for PowerPack300, approx. 2.5 h for PowerPack and PowerTube 400, 3 h for PowerPack and PowerTube 500, approx. 3.7 h for PowerTube 625


-Weight: incl. cable, under 1000 grams


-No ventilation slots, no fan noise


-Compatible with Active Line, Active Line Plus, Cargo Line, Performance Line and the Performance Line CX


-Compatible with Classic + by means of an optional adapter plug 


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