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Pure Whey Protein Organic Vanilla & Cinnamon 750Grams

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Product description

PURE Whey Protein is a premium natural protein drink using whey protein concentrate (82% protein) from the green pastures of New Zealand’s South Island, combined with organic vanilla bean powder, cinnamon and sweetened with natural stevia.  When you open a bag the first thing you’ll enjoy is the amazing sweet aroma of organic vanilla bean powder with a hint of cinnamon.

Formulated to provide your body with protein for optimum muscle tissue building and repair, PURE Whey Protein will also assist with supporting energy levels and weight control as part of a balanced lifestyle.
PURE Whey Protein mixes easily and has a great natural taste profile.


-23g protein per serve

-Made in New Zealand from local & imported ingredients

-No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

-25 serves per 750g pouch


Mix 3 scoops (included) of powder with 200ml of skim milk or water.  Shake well.
Try blending PURE Whey Protein with yoghurt, fruit & berries to make a delicious smoothie.

Take 1 - 3 servings per day depending on your diet and activity level.
Use 60 – 90 minutes prior to exercise and within 30 minutes after exercise.  
Also great for a morning or afternoon snack, or when additional protein is needed in your diet.


SUPPLEMENTED FOOD: This product should be used in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate exercise program. All claims are for the product when prepared as directed. Pregnant or lactating women should use only under medical or dietetic supervision


Product reviews (4)

Michelle 04-09-2017 07:05

Tastiest protein powder youll come across. I use unsweetened coconut milk, a banana and peanut butter with it and its a delicious smoothie perfect post workout. You can see the vanilla specks in every glass and it smells as delicious as it tastes.

Rick 04-09-2017 07:05

Best flavoured WPC on the market. I throw in some trim milk, a banana and some greek yoghurt and you have the perfect pre or post work out fill up. Great work Pure!

Trudy 04-09-2017 07:03

I love the Vanilla and Cinnamon flavored protein powder, I also have used the chocolate but I find the vanilla and cinnamon nicer when mixed with berries and LSA. It' a great smooth blend, no gritty bits! The price is also very acceptable. Well done PURE...I love you

Taryn 04-09-2017 07:03

Love the vanilla taste, it suits both fruit and vegetable based smoothies, and adds a lovely creamy texture to my smoothies. With a largely vegetarian family, this is a great whey (get it?) to keep up our protein needs on a daily basis. Thanks for great pure products!

5 stars based on 4 reviews

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