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If up to now you have quietly been scoffing at folks who resort to neoprene swim shorts, trying out the Orca Neoprene Shorts might go some way to changing your mind about their benefits.


We all want to have perfect swimming form, both for performance reasons and as a way to reduce the risk of over-use injuries. The use of neoprene shorts can help us in our quest for the perfect form by providing an extra buoyancy that will allow us to concentrate on improving our form particularly in the pull phase of the stroke. That's why the Orca Neoprene Shorts can be worn either on their own or as a baselayer underneath your wetsuit. Orca make their Neoprene Shorts from their Yamamoto 39cell neoprene. It is an extremely flexible material that works with you throughout the swimming motion so will help promote correct body rotational form. The front panel is 8mm thick with a 6mm thick back panel to provide the perfect balance for buoyancy. To keep you flexible, the side panels are 3mm thick that will give you that essential freedom of movement.


A drawstring at the waistband ensures you will be able to adjust for the perfect fit. Whether you are using it to help train your swim form, or simulating race day in a wetsuit, the Orca Neoprene Shorts will give you a leg up on your competition



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