Favero Assioma Uno Power Pedal

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Assioma Power Meter Pedals 

breakthrough technology applied to cycling, to make your training more efficient and effective than ever. Set your targets with ultra-precise and reliable watt measurements. Hard facts, not estimates, to make the most of each pedal stroke.

Favero Assioma UNO measures power from the left pedal only, doubling the output to provide total power for L/R. For readings of both Left and Right, consider the Favero Assioma DUO. For those owners of Favero Assioma UNO who wish to include right-side power, consider the Favero Assioma UNO Upgrade (part code 772-05).

Peace of mind:
Favero offer 2-Year replacement warranty against defect.

Easy to install and fast to move between bikes:
Install and move your Assioma power meter from one bike to another just like a normal pedal, easily and without special tools.

Hard facts to make the most of every pedal stroke:
To provide you with unprecedented detailed and precise data, the Assioma power sensors are placed on the pedals, exactly where your force goes. Pair it with your smartphone or bike computer instantly, using Bluetooth and ANT+ communication.

Automatic temperature compensation:
You can count on the most accurate and consistent real-time power data thanks to proprietary technologies, innovative software solutions and the advanced electronics of Assioma. Ride without fear in the snow, rain, mud, or sweltering heat: the automatic temperature compensation (ATC) ensures exact and reliable watt measurements in any weather conditions at temperatures between -10°C and 60°C.

Waterproof, resistant ... And the lightest ever made:
The lightest and most compact pedal-based power meter: with no protruding elements, it does not interfere with the pedalling. Not even when cornering. Protected by a bi-component resin block, the power meter sensor is extremely resistant to shocks and fully waterproof.

USB Rechargeable - with automatic standby:

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